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Devotional out now! wallpaper / September 20th, 2004  
Devotional is out today (tomorrow in U.S., and slightly later in other territories)! Go pick up your copy now! Also, be sure to check out the last ten of fifty (!!!) wallpaper images up now!
Devotional Flash e-card / September 15th, 2004  
Reprise Records has created a Flash e-card. Check it out!
Devotional theater screening / September 15th, 2004  
Reprise Records has two US screenings lined up for September 20th, 2004 (the night before the release of the "Devotional" DVD). The details:
Sunset 5
8000 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA
10:00 pm
Loews Theatres @ Metreon
101 4th St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
10:00 pm
You are advised to get to the venues early, because the free screenings are "first come, first served". Seating will happen about 45 minutes before the screening starts. Afterwards, head directly over to the Virgin Megastore (L.A. people, walk 100 feet - S.F. people - walk a few blocks)! While supplies last, you will receive a free "Devotional" pin with your purchase.
Fans have also organized screenings of the DVD in other countries, including Poland, and the Czech Republic. Note: We are supplying these links as a courtesy. depeche mode dot com is not responsible for externally linked sites.
Devotional standard e-cards / September 15th, 2004  
Now online are the rest of our e-cards. Send one to a friend today.  
Wallpaper, Video Clips...and a Contest! / September 13th, 2004  
Another ten wallpaper images are up, as well as six more video clips!
The real treat, however, is the special Contest!
Wallpaper / September 6th, 2004  
Another ten wallpaper images are up, as well as six more video clips!  
Wallpaper / August 31st, 2004  
Not only will you find twenty (20!) wallpaper images in the Wallpaper area, but preview thumbnails for the other thirty (30!) that are still pending!  
DVD Video Clips / August 30th, 2004  
The third batch video clips from Disc One of the Devotional DVD are now online. Coming tomorrow: wallpaper, buddy icons and e-cards!  
DVD Video Clips / August 23rd, 2004  
The second batch video clips from Disc One of the Devotional DVD are now online.  
DVD Video Clips / August 16th, 2004  
The first five video clips from Disc One are now online, as well as new wallpaper and e-cards!  
DVD Trailer! / August 9th, 2004  
A Devotional DVD trailer has been created. Check it out!  
Advance DVD cover / August 2nd, 2004  
Select members of the media are already being shipped advance DVD viewing copies. Click on the images to the right to see the front and back covers of the advance DVD. frontcover_pdf_80.jpg
Pre-Launch News! / July 28th, 2004  
While this micro-site won't officially launch until next week, you can read the Press Release and DVD Details for the upcoming "Devotional" 2-disc DVD set right now!  
Pre-Launch Buddy Icon! / July 28th, 2004  
Don't wait until next week. Start using one of the new Devotional Buddy Icons now!. Simply launch AOL Instant Messenger, then click the buddy icon on the right!
Alternatively, to use the icon on a message board, simply copy/paste the following URL into your profile on the board of your choice:
Right-click, or control-click, to copy URL of buddy icon for use as a message board avatar
Be sure to read the message board F.A.Q. to find out how to change your avatar.
Devotional DVD Buddy Icon - martin_04.gif
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